8 Top Colors to Match Blurred Lines Skirts

Blurred lines skirt includes black and white patterns that can be counted as abstract designs. These can be difficult to pair with tops as you do not want your outfit to seem too congested.

However, don’t worry- here are 8 top colors to match blurred lines skirts without looking like a complete joke:

1. White

white shirt with blurred lines skirt

White is a safe color- since the skirt includes a bit of white, you will not be going against the color theme. Moreover, the skirt will become the center of attention, especially since white is a basic color that will not overwhelm the entire outfit.

2. Light Pink

light pink shirt

Even though light pink is not part of the original blurred lines skirt design, it is light enough to be paired with the outfit.

Light pink can help the blurred lines skirt look versatile without straying too far from the classic theme.

3. Grey

grey shirt top

Grey is a neutral color that looks beautiful. When wearing the blurred lines skirt, it is recommended to wear a light gray top, as when white and black are paired together, they create an illusion of grey.

This will create a superior combination, particularly if you pair your outfit with black heels.

4. Black

black top with skirt

A black top with a black-and-white lined shirt can be dressed up or down- that is the beauty of it. You can wear it to a night out with the girls, as well as to the office, if you are looking for a casual outfit.

Black paired with a blurred lines skirt will never go out of style.

5. Nude

Similar to light pink, a nude top will allow the blurred lines skirt to attract all the attention. If you want to go for a basic look while making your skirt a statement piece, pair it with a nude, formal top.

You can also pair it with a deeper nude if you are looking to give your outfit some personality.

6. Light Green

light green top

This may seem like an uncommon combination, but light green is the perfect color if you are looking to make a statement. It is definitely not a color everyone can pull off with a blurred lines skirt, but it is enough to draw eyes if you do it right.

7. Pale Orange

orange top

When most people think about orange, they think of brighter shades of tangerine. However, a blurred lines skirt can be tricky to pair with dark colors as you risk overwhelming the outfit.

However, a pale orange top can go perfectly with this skirt, especially if you pair it with minimal accessories and black or white colored shoes to complete the look.

8. Lavender

lavender top

Since lavender is such a light, unique color, you can pair it with a blurred lines skirt to complete the look.

However, look for the lightest shades of lavender, including mauve.


Now that you have several options to pair with your blurred lines skirt, which ones do you think you would go for?

When wearing a statement piece, the key is to let the piece do all the talking. That means going minimalistic on the remaining outfit.

Whether you choose to go with a basic white or black top or something catchier like light green or pale orange, we are sure that you will rock this look.

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