6 Colors That Compliment Red Hair

1. Earthy Tones

red haired woman wearing earth tones

Being a redhead, you should turn to earthy tones for your outfits as these colors complement fiery locks perfectly. From deep greens to oranges and browns, these shades have the power to create a harmonious balance between the red color of the hair and the outfit. Additionally, earthy tones work well on clothing items such as maxi dresses, tailored trousers, and cozy sweaters.

2. Blues

red haired woman on a denim button up shirt

The right shade of blue can accentuate red hair, and opt for muted and dusty blues, such as periwinkle, misty blue, lovat, turquoise, cyan, azure, or navy. These shades help create a striking contrast that will enhance the beautiful red color of your hair without overpowering it. So, whether it’s a denim jacket or a flowy dress, blue is a wonderful color to experiment with.

3. Deep Jewel Tones

red haired woman on an emerald dress

Being a redhead, you can never go wrong with deep jewel tones, as they add a touch of luxury to wardrobe. Whether emerald green, amethyst purple, or sapphire blue, these colors perfectly balance the hair and can make your features pop. Not just that, these colors work well on various clothing items, such as a velvet blazer or a silk midi dress, and are ideal for both formal and casual events.

4. Neutrals

red haired woman on a grey shirt

To create a subtle contrast to your hair without overpowering it, you can always rely on neutral shades such as beige, cream, and taupe. that these colors work best for redheads with fair skin as they help balance out the intensity of the hair. Additionally, neutral colors are a classic and timeless look, especially when paired with blazers or tailored trousers.

5. Metallics

metallic dress

Metallic shades are an excellent way to add a touch of to an outfit and complement red hair beautifully. Gold, silver, platinum, gunmetal, bronze, and copper can create a stunning contrast with the hair and are perfect for casual and formal occasions. , metallic shades work skirts, dresses, and blouses and are sure to make a statement.

6. Pinks

red haired woman on a pink shirt

Pink is an unexpected but beautiful choice for redheads, and pastel pink or dusty rose shades are perfect for those with warm undertones in their hair. ink is an ideal color for summertime dresses, blouses, and even casual t-shirts. well in winter, providing a subtle yet sophisticated contrast to the hair without clashing and adding a feminine touch to any bold outfit.

Redheads hair color that deserves to be complemented by the right clothing colors. Earthy tones, blues, deep jewel tones, neutrals, metallics, and pinks are some of the best clothing colors that go well with red hair. However, when choosing your outfit, consider your skin tone since the right color can make your complexion (fair, medium, or brown) look even more radiant. At the end of the day, whatever color you choose, remember to wear it with confidence.

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