4 Colors That Go Good With Navy Blue Clothes

Navy blue is a color that never goes out of fashion. A perfect combination of classic, cozy, and dramatic, it is a must-have color in your wardrobe. Since it is darker and more intense than other blue shades but lighter than black, it pairs well with a wide range of tones on the color wheel.

If you are looking for colors that go well with navy blue clothes, find some of the best options below.

Navy Blue with other Blue Tones

shades of blue outfit

If you want to stay true to a blue color scheme, you can blend navy blue with other cool tones and hues of blue, like Sky Blue, Aqua, and Turquoise. Different shades of blue create tranquil color schemes that resemble the magnificent blue skies over the expansive water bodies.

For example, a pair of navy blue jeans will go beautifully with a light blue denim jacket. Additionally, muted, dusty-blue shades or true blue tones can create attractive compositions.

Navy Blue and White

navy blue blazer and white turtleneck

You can never go wrong with the classic combination of navy blue with white! A navy blue coat with a crisp white dress shirt inside has been known to give people confidence inside boardrooms for a long time. Similarly, the combination of navy blue skirts with buttoned-up white tops is a popular dressing choice for women worldwide.

You can use navy blue as the dominant color and add white accessories to your outfit for a coordinated look. Navy blue and white also look great when combined in patterns. For example, you can pair a navy blue and white striped top with white jeans for a classic nautical look.

Navy Blue and Beige

navy blue and beige shirt

The combination of navy blue and beige can take your wardrobe’s appeal to the next level! They blend great when layered with different textures, like a navy blue cashmere sweater with beige wool pants or a beige silk blouse with navy blue leather pants.

Adding metallic accents, such as gold or silver jewelry, can add a touch of glamor to your navy blue and beige outfit. You can also make a navy blue and beige outfit more interesting by adding bright accessories like a red handbag or a green scarf.

Navy Blue and Yellow

navy blue yellow and neon green outfit

Here is a combination you can use to stand out in a crowd!

Yellow is a happy color that you can pair with navy blue to create a great summer look! Navy blue and yellow are complementary colors that sit opposite each other on the color wheels. This means navy blue’s darkness and yellow’s brightness can balance each other, creating a perfect contrast.

Some classic outfits you can create with this color combination include a navy blue blazer with a yellow skirt and a navy blue dress with yellow shoes or accessories, like a yellow belt or necklace. You can pick a light yellow for a more playful look or a mustard yellow for a more sophisticated look.

For a simple and casual hang-out with friends, try pairing navy blue jeans with a bright yellow t-shirt or a flowy yellow blouse.

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