10 Colors That Look Good With Pink Hair

If you’ve decided to take the plunge and dye your hair pink, then congratulations! You’re sure to stand out in any crowd with this vibrant color.

But while having pink hair is a bold statement, colors that look good with it don’t have to be.

Whether you want colors that will subtly complement your new hue or colors that are just as eye-catching as pink itself, there are plenty of options for styling yourself up with colors that look great alongside your new hairdo.

From classic neutrals like black and white to vivid jewel tones like sapphire blue and emerald green, we’ll explore some of the best colors for pairing with pink hair so you can experiment until you find the perfect style!


woman with pink hair and white shirt

White is a perfect pairing for pink hair because it provides a crisp, clean contrast that can be eye-catching without being overwhelming.

Not only does white stand out against the vibrant colors of pink, but it also gives your look a modern and stylish edge.

With such a stark color difference between white and pink, you’ll be sure to make heads turn with this fun and unique combination!

White can even be used to add an interesting dimension to your style. If you want your look to have more of an edgy feel, try pairing multiple colors of pink with an all-white outfit.

Or if you’re feeling bold, consider wearing a single-color white ensemble while highlighting different colors of pink in your hair. The key is to keep experimenting until you find the perfect balance that best suits your style.

Whether it’s a soft pastel shade or an electric fuchsia hue, combining white and pink will create unforgettable looks that are sure to impress everyone around you!

Mint Green

woman with pink hair and mint green top

Mint green is the perfect choice for those looking for colors that look good with pink hair. This light, cool hue adds a touch of sophistication to any look and is the perfect way to add a subtle yet stylish pop of color to your style.

The calming colors of mint can provide a soft contrast against the bright colors of pink, making it an ideal complement for any shade of pink hair.

Plus, since both colors are quite muted in terms of tone, they won’t clash even if they are paired together.

Not only that but mint green pairs well with other colors as well. Whether you want to go for a monochromatic look or mix colors, this versatile color looks great when paired with both warm and cool colors.

White, gray, and black all work wonders when combined with mint green for those who want a classic look. Or you could try colors like turquoise or yellow if you want something more vibrant.

No matter how you style it, mint green is sure to make your pink hair stand out! With its versatility and range of shades, this soothing color will always be in fashion and looks great with almost any color of pink hair!


woman with pink hair and olive green jumpsuit

Olive is a great choice for colors that look good with pink hair because of its subtle yet sophisticated charm.

This muted and earthy hue offers a sense of richness to any style, and the colors of olive pair wonderfully with various shades of pink hair.

From pale pinks to bright fuchsias, olive complements almost every color in the spectrum.

When styling your look with colors that are more muted and neutral like olive, you can really make your pink stand out and create an eye-catching contrast between colors.

Olive also pairs well with other colors as well, making it easy to mix and match colors for a unique and stylish ensemble.

Whites, grays, blacks, reds, yellows; all these colors can be used to create interesting looks when mixed with the color olive. The possibilities are truly endless!

What makes this color so special is how versatile it can be when paired with other colors.

Whether you want to create an edgy or classic look or something in between – olive will never disappoint! This warm hue can provide just enough depth and visual interest while still allowing your pink hair to take center stage.

With its range of tones from soft pastels to deep emeralds, you’ll always have plenty of options for pairing colors together whenever you decide to style up your look!


woman with pink hair and grey shirt

Gray is an incredibly versatile color that looks great with pink hair. Its subtle yet chic nuances can provide just the right amount of contrast against an array of colors, including pink.

Gray has a timeless appeal to it, and when paired with a vibrant shade of pink hair, it can help to create a look that is both modern and classic.

The key to getting the perfect gray-and-pink combination lies in choosing colors with complimentary tones.

For instance, if you have a bright pink hue in your hair, opt for a softer gray to keep the colors balanced. Or if you are looking for something edgier, pair dark grays with hot pinks or electric fuchsias for a daring statement.

The beauty of gray is that its range of tones allows you to get creative with your styling possibilities as you can mix colors together for an impressive look.

You could try combining lighter shades of gray with bolder colors such as magenta or scarlet for a unique take on traditional colors.

Or if you’re feeling risky, layer different colors and textures of gray with multiple hues of pink for an unexpected twist!

No matter what colors you choose, by pairing gray and pink together you’ll create unforgettable looks that will make everyone around you stop and stare!

With its range of muted colors to its eye-catching shades, gray will always be in fashion and looks great when paired with almost any color of pink hair!


woman with pink hair and turquoise yukata

Turquoise is an amazing color that looks great when combined with pink hair. This blend of colors creates a bold and vibrant look that will turn heads wherever you go.

The colors turquoise and pink are both bright and cheerful, so they create a fun and whimsical look when mixed together. The colors contrast nicely and the combination can be subtle or daring depending on the tone you choose.

When styling with colors of pink hair, turquoise is one of the most striking colors to mix in for those who want some serious style points.

For a bold twist on your everyday looks, opt for brighter shades of turquoise such as neon blue or aquamarine to really make your pink hair stand out!

Or if you prefer something more subtle, choose softer hues such as baby blue or sky blue for a classic yet stylish look.

Not only does turquoise look great with pink hair, but it also pairs well with other colors too! Try incorporating gray or black tones into your outfit if you want to create a sophisticated yet edgy vibe.

Or combine pastel colors such as lavender or blush with your turquoise and pink combo for a light and airy feel!

Whichever colors you decide to pair together, be sure to have fun with them! Colors are meant to express yourself in all sorts of ways, so feel free to experiment as much as you like until you find the perfect combination that works for you.

With its range of shades and wide versatility, turquoise is definitely one color that looks great when paired with any kind of pink hair!

Light Blue

woman with pink hair and blue tank

Light blue is a classic color that looks great when paired with pink hair. Its soft, calming hue is the perfect complement to any shade of pink and can instantly add an understated elegance to any look.

A light blue top or even a simple scarf can really make your locks stand out and give you an effortless style.

Not only does light blue look stunning with pink hair, but it also pairs easily with other colors too!

Try incorporating shades of navy or dark teal for a more dramatic look, or mix in lighter colors such as ivory or blush to keep things subtle yet still just as stylish.

The beauty of adding light blue to your wardrobe is that it allows you to incorporate multiple colors into one outfit, giving you endless possibilities for creating unique looks.

Light blue also adds texture and complexity to every outfit. Whether you’re wearing a simple tee, maxi dress, or jumpsuit, the addition of light blue can help elevate your style and give you a more polished aesthetic.

The versatility of the color allows you to dress up or down depending on the occasion and its slight shimmer will always be noticed when set against pink hair.

Light blue is truly an essential color for anyone looking to complete their wardrobe and create standout looks paired with their pink locks!


woman with pink hair and fuschia jumper

Fuchsia is a stunning color that looks great when paired with pink hair. This bold and vibrant hue offers a strong contrast with the softer shades of pink, creating an eye-catching look that will be sure to turn heads!

Whether you opt for a subtle pastel pink or a more daring neon shade, the addition of fuchsia can bring any outfit to life and make it stand out in all the right ways.

Fuchsia is also incredibly versatile and can easily be incorporated into all kinds of looks. For those who are more daring with their fashion, opt for brighter hues of fuchsia such as magenta or raspberry to really make your locks pop.

Or choose softer colors such as lavender or blush if you’re looking for something a little more subtle.

The beauty of this color is that it can instantly add a touch of elegance to any outfit no matter how you style it.

Not only does fuchsia look great when paired with pink hair but it also pairs effortlessly with other colors too! Try mixing in shades of white or black for an edgy yet sophisticated vibe, or incorporate some turquoise tones for an unexpected twist.

Whatever colors you decide to mix together, you’ll be sure to create unforgettable looks with this stunning combination!


woman with pink hair and yellow shirt

Yellow-brown is a surprisingly beautiful color that can really bring out the best in pink hair.

The warm colors of yellow and brown blend together seamlessly, creating an earthy yet vibrant hue that pairs perfectly with the femininity of pink.

The colors come alive when combined together, resulting in an eye-catching look that is sure to draw attention.

Not only does yellow-brown look stunning when paired with pink hair, but it also allows you to experiment with colors and create unique looks. For an edgy and modern ensemble, try combining yellow-brown tones with black or gray shades.

Or if you’re looking for something more romantic, add some pastel colors such as lavender or baby blue to the mix for a light and airy vibe.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to finding colors that look good with pink hair and yellow-brown is no exception!

The colors yellow and brown are both bold enough to stand out but soft enough to work well together.

This means that you can use them as either a statement piece or as an accent color depending on how daring you want your look to be! Yellow-brown adds warmth and vibrancy to any outfit, allowing you to create interesting combinations that will make your locks pop even more.

If you’re looking for colors that make pink hair look even better than it already does, then yellow-brown should definitely be at the top of your list!


woman with pink hair and lime tank

Lime is a vibrant and cheerful color that looks great when paired with pink hair! This bold hue adds a splash of fun and life to an ensemble and can create some truly amazing combinations.

The light green shade stands out against the softness of pink, creating an eye-catching contrast that looks especially beautiful in sunny weather.

Lime also works well with both warmer colors such as peach and cooler colors like lavender, allowing you to experiment with different shades to find what works best for you.

Not only does it add vibrancy and life to any outfit but its subtle sheen also creates a lovely shimmer that will make your locks shine brighter than ever.

When it comes to colors that look good with pink hair, lime is definitely one of the most versatile options out there.

You can choose from a variety of shades ranging from pale pastel greens to deep emeralds, depending on how daring you want your look to be. No matter what tone you opt for, lime is sure to give your outfit an extra touch of style and drama.

The best part about this color is that it can easily be incorporated into everyday looks as well as more formal attire.

Whether you’re going for a casual vibe or something more elegant, lime always manages to add a certain charm and sophistication that will never go unnoticed!

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