5 Colors That Make You Look Whiter

Choosing a color that suits your skin tone can be challenging for some people. With many color varieties in the clothing market, picking the one that complements your fair skin tone may take some practice. If you are tired of wearing a handful of shades, we can relate to the boredom that comes with it.

We have covered a list for you if you want to expand your color choice and add more interesting colors that make you look whiter. Let’s dive into the details to find the five best colors that make you look whiter.

5 Colors to Make Your Skin Look Whiter

The following colors may add value to your skin and wardrobe the next time you buy an outfit.

1)   Baby Blue

Baby blue is one of the go-to colors for many with whiter skin tones. The soft look and feel of the color appeal to the eyes like none other. Whether buying a new outfit for a casual event or heading to a formal meeting, baby blue can perfectly complement your fair skin. You can combine it with lighter tones like khaki and sea green to achieve a relatively bold look. The mild color tone fits people with fair to brighter skin tones.

2)   Camel

The camel color is popular among men and women alike. This attractive shade effectively meets all the demands of a fair skin tone. Wear a camel jacket over a white shirt, or get a long coat for winter to suit your skin tone. Its versatility makes camel an optimal color for people with whiter skins. You can try various combinations with this one to achieve your desired look. You may also match your camel shirt with a pair of light blue jeans to look fairer.

3)   Pale Green

Pale green is one of the most decent options on the list of colors for brighter skin. When we say ‘pale,’ we indicate saturating the green color with white. This combo gives you a subtle green shade that complements your bright skin. You can get a pale-green top and match it with white bottoms or vice versa. You may also try other combinations like baby blue with pale green, beige with pale green, and baby pink with pale green to achieve your desired looks.

4)   Millennial Pink

If you need warmth in your outfits while the color complements your bright skin, millennial pink is just the shade you need. This warm pink tone has everything to appeal to people with whiter skin tones. What makes it an ideal option is its individuality. You may not need another color to raise its status. Get a furry jacket or wear a head-to-toe millennial pink outfit to fit your needs. Girls often combine it with light blue jeans to achieve a cozy look.

5)   Lavender

If pink seems mainstream, you can choose lavender as a suitable alternative. This color has many fans worldwide. While you can choose from various (light or dark) tones, the lighter shade complements brighter skins like none other. Lavender mostly goes well in winter. You may get a pullover, a jacket, or a medium-length coat to suit your needs. Males with brighter skin tones may get lavender T-shirts or formal shirts to achieve a decent appearance.

The above list of colors that make you look whiter can help you decide on your next outfit. If a solid tone doesn’t appeal to you much, you can always try unique combinations to achieve your desired look. If you wonder how these colors may look on you, you may check out online stores to review the collection in these shades for a better idea.

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