5 Colors That Match Black Pants

Getting a suitable shirt for your black pants can be fun when you have a fashion sense. However, this color combination drill can be challenging for some people when trying black pants for the first time. While black can accommodate many shirt colors, only a few colors stand out the most. To help you choose colors that match black pants, we have covered a list of the top-preferred shades to give you an idea.

Which Color Goes Well with Black Pants?

The following list of colors can help you choose your next shirt to pair with black pants.

1. Light Blue

light blue blazer and black pants

If you need a formal combo that attracts many eyes at your workplace, you may try a light blue shirt with your black pants. Many professionals prefer this iconic combo due to its simplicity and elegance. You can add a dark brown belt, a chrome watch, and formal shoes to achieve an ideal combination. You can also try this pair on casual gatherings, weddings, and other occasions. Check out formal wear stores to explore more blue and black combo variations.

2. White

white lace top and black pants

The classic pair of black and white never gets old. Getting a solid white formal shirt may be your best choice if you need a striking shirt for your black pants. You can also opt for stripes and patterns to have a unique look. Some people prefer off-white shirts with black pants. Ultimately, it narrows down to your preferences when choosing a shirt. Moreover, you can pair your black pants with casual white shirts for parties and family gatherings.

3. Gray

grey sweater and black pants

Another classic combo that adds value to your outfit is gray. Gray shirts are widely popular due to their elegance and tone. You can pair them with blue or black pants depending on your preferences. While valid, gray pulls off the best look with black pants. You can explore various suiting combinations to determine your tone and proportion needs. Some popular formal wear stores offer solid gray shirts with black bottoms to appeal to youngsters and adults.

4. Red

red dress shirt and black pants

While it may not suit formal meetings, getting a red shirt for black pants can be a striking choice. You can wear red casual shirts, turtlenecks, T-shirts, or other tops, to suit your black pants. Moreover, rose-red sweatshirts can create an impactful appearance in casual and party meetups. You may check out various combinations of red and black online in popular clothing stores to find your fit.

5. Green

green long sleeve shirt and black pants

Green is a less conventional color when paired with black pants. Whether getting a formal shirt or a casual top, you may choose from various green tones to find your fit. Green is a decent color for males and females. Lighter tones may create a better contrast with black than darker ones. You can also add chrome watches and black shoes to the pairing equation for a striking appearance in public gatherings.

The above list of colors that match black pants can help you decide on your suitable pair. You can choose from color variations to determine the best tone. If you need more ideas, feel free to check out popular clothing brands.

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