10 Colors That Call Decadence

Back in the 1890s, the color lavender became a symbol of decadence. In fact, it became known as the mauve decade.

The term decadence was introduced in society to describe something or someone who was once good but had now become bad. By the beginning of the 20th century, many artists were thrilled to be called decadent, including Charles Baudelaire, Stephane Mallarme, and Arthur Rimbaud. These artists found power in the term decadence.

Today, here are the ten colors that call decadence:

1.    Shocking Pink

Shocking pink is different from other forms of the color pink. It is brighter and more intense, almost like a vivid shade of pink.

In today’s world, you could refer to it as neon pink. The color pink is made by mixing red and white and to make shocking pink, all you have to do is mix a little bit of crimson.

2.    Metallic Violet

Metallic violet is a color made by mixing a medium to a dark shade of magenta and blue. It can also comprise a mixture of three colors, green, blue, and red.

It is called metallic violet because this color is similar to polished metal, as it gives off a metallic shine that is uncommon in solid colors.

3.    Munsell Purple

Munsell purple is a medium to a dark shade of the color magenta. It consists of the slightest bit of green and comes red and blue.

4.    Crayola’s Red

Crayola’s red is a unique color made by mixing red, green, and blue. The end result is a shade of red-pink color that represents decadence.

5.    American Orange

American orange is a mix of red and yellow and is the color of sunsets, tangerines, and oranges.

6.    Gargoyle Gas

Gargoyle gas is a color that belongs to the green family- it is a mixture of yellow and orange. The end result is a light to a medium shade of yellow color.

It can be made using the colors blue, green, and red.

7.    Taupe

This is an uncommon color that is used interchangeably with warm gray, grayish-brown, and brownish-grey.

Think of taupe as a darker shade of gray-brown, but instead of tan gray, think espresso gray.

8.    Amber

Amber is another color that calls decadence- it is a warm, bright color that is midway between orange and yellow.

9.    Carafe

Carafe is a rich brown color that has undertones of purple. It is created by mixing a bit of blue and red.

Carafe belongs to the brown color family and can also be made by using brown and orange colors.

10. Green

Green is located on the conventional wheel between the colors blue and yellow. You can make green using secondary colors, such as blue and yellow.


These are the ten colors that call decadence. Even though the color lavender has symbolized decadence for many centuries, these colors have also made it to the list in the 21st century.

Most decadence colors are powerfully pigmented and bright. Do you think any other color should be added to the list of decadence? Let us know!

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