Deep Blue vs Navy Blue (Explained with Pictures)

Deep Blue and Navy Blue are two colors that are often confused with one another but do have subtle differences.

Both colors have a long history of use in fashion and home decor, from traditional uniforms to modern designs.

Read on – this article will explore the differences between the two, including their origins, popular usages, frequently asked questions, and more!

Differences Between Deep Blue and Navy Blue

The primary difference between Deep Blue and Navy Blue lies in their hues, but don’t stop there.

Let’s take a look:

Deep Blue

Deep Blue is a brighter, livelier shade of blue compared to Navy Blue, which has a darker hue.

Additionally, Deep Blue has lighter shades of color mixed in with its blue tones while Navy Blue is more consistent with its deep navy coloring.

Navy Blue

You already know that Navy Blue is darker than Deep Blue, but, you should also be aware that it includes purplish undertones that the former lacks.

Furthermore, the amount of green or grey undertones in each of the two blue shades can vary depending on the source – various shades of either color may have a greater degree of green undertones than others, especially if it isn’t digital.

Speaking of digital colors and differences in undertones, you’ll need to understand more about hex codes if you want to work with these specific colors via an online platform or digital medium.

Hex Codes

Deep Blue and Navy Blue

Deep Blue and Navy Blue, like all shades of blue, and, indeed, all colors, have their very own distinct hex codes.

Knowing these codes helps ensure that your design or project gets the right shade of blue, rather than rendering one with a greener, redder, or yellower hue than you wanted.

Here are the individual hex codes for these blue hues:

  • Deep Blue’s hex code is #00008B
  • Navy Blue’s hex code is #003f87

To better understand the color differences between these two hues, here is a visual representation of each:

Psychological Connotations of Each Color: What Each Color Communicates

It shouldn’t be surprising that Deep Blue and Navy Blue each present their own unique psychological connotations. However, because of how similar these blue shades are, their meanings may be mistakenly interpreted as one and the same.

Deep Blue

Deep Blue is often associated with the sea and can be seen as calming, balancing, and healing. It’s also thought to represent loyalty, trustworthiness, and dependability.

Navy Blue

Navy Blue, on the other hand, is typically seen as a color that conveys strength and power. It’s often used for uniforms or suits, representing authority or professionalism.

Navy blue is also seen as a symbol of security, stability, and safety.

Popular Usage

Deep Blue and Navy Blue are two popular colors that can be found in all kinds of places, from clothing to home décor, and even on the walls of offices.

The color deep blue is often used as an accent color, while navy blue is one of the most commonly used shades for uniforms or suits.

Deep blue and navy blue can also be seen in various logos, often associated with maritime themes due to their sea-like hues.

Let’s dig deeper into our deep blue vs navy blue comparison, by looking at the various popular usages of the two:


navy blue bag and scarf

Deep blue and navy blue are equally popular colors, in regard to fashion.

Deep blue is most often seen as an accent color, giving a subtle pop of color to any outfit.

It can be paired with neutrals or even other blues for a classic, timeless look.

Navy blue is one of the most popular colors for men’s suits and uniforms, conveying strength and power.

This dark hue is also a favorite among formal wear, as it looks great when paired with other colors like cream or gray.

It’s also commonly seen in swimwear, athleisure wear, and everyday casual clothes such as t-shirts and jeans.


navy blue graphic design

Deep blue and navy blue are popular choices for many types of design, from home décor to wallpapers, logos, and accents. Further, it is often used as an accent color in design, bringing a calming feel to any space.

Navy blue can help convey strength and power in logo designs, while still looking elegant and sophisticated.

Deep blue and navy blue are also popular choices when it comes to wallpapers or paint colors.

Both shades bring an element of sophistication and calmness that can work with any style, from modern to traditional. As these colors have strong ties to the sea, they’re often seen in beach-themed decors or accents.

Home Decor

dark blue interior

Deep blue and navy blue can be used in many areas of home decor. Both colors can bring a soothing, calming atmosphere to any room.

They are popular choices for living rooms and bedrooms, as the darker shades create an intimate feel.

Deep blue and navy blue can also be used to give a sense of luxury to any space.

For example, velvet upholstery in either color will instantly add a touch of sophistication and glamour. They work especially well when paired with white or cream for contrast.

These colors are also often seen in kitchens, either on the walls or the cabinets.

The deep blues give the room a more modern feel while still feeling classic and timeless.

Origins of Each Color

navy officer using binoculars

The origins of deep blue and navy blue can be traced back to the deep blue hues of the world’s largest bodies of water.

Have a looksie, below:

Deep Blue

Deep blue is often associated with the ocean, as it shares a similar hue to its waters (as previously stated) – so, it is believed that is what initially inspired the creation of this unique shade of blue.

Even more, the color deep blue also has a long-standing history of being viewed by society as a symbol of trust, stability, and loyalty, which makes it a popular choice for branding.

Navy Blue

Similarly, the color navy blue is thought to be inspired by the uniforms of British Royal Navy officers in the early 18th century.

Further, Navy blue also has a history of representing power, authority, and privilege.

All things considered, both colors are versatile enough to work in many different types of design, from home decor to logos to wallpapers.

This helps explain why they are so popular today – and why they have been for centuries.

Common Questions 

What is the difference between deep blue and navy blue?

The main difference between deep blue and navy blue is their slightly varying shades. Deep blue has a brighter, more vivid hue, while navy blue appears darker, deeper, and richer.

Does deep blue or navy blue work better in home decor?

Both colors can work well in home decor, depending on what look/vibe you’re going for. Deep blue can bring a calming atmosphere to any room while navy blue can add a touch of sophistication and glamour. Also, both colors make great accents and work well as a trim/border color.

Can deep blue or navy blue be used in branding?

Yes, both colors can be used in branding. Deep blue is often seen as a symbol of trust and loyalty, while navy blue represents power and authority. So, depending on the brand you are representing, both are excellent choices.

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