Hague Blue vs Hale Navy (Explained with Pictures)

Hague blue and hale navy are two classic blue colors that are quite popular with people these days – especially in home decorating and design.

Both of these shades are timeless, with hague blue representing a calming atmosphere and hale navy bringing an air of luxury and extravagance.

In this guide, we’ll explore the variations, differences, and uses of both hague blue vs hale navy.

Differences Between Hague Blue vs Hale Navy

Below, we dive into the first section of our in-depth comparison of these common two shades of blue.

For starters, hague blue and hale navy have different levels of intensity – and that is just the beginning.

Let’s take a look:

Hague blue is a softer, lighter shade of blue while hale navy is bolder and darker.

This difference in intensity can create drastically different atmospheres in a room.

For example, hague blue has a calming effect while hale navy creates an atmosphere of luxury and extravagance.

Additionally, hague blue is more complementary to light neutral colors like whites and beiges while hale navy goes well with rich jewel tones or deep blues.

This can make a huge difference in the overall look of a space.

Hex Codes

Hague Blue and Hale Navy

Hague Blue and Hale Navy both have their own corresponding hex codes, as do all the most commonly used colors (the ones that have official names):

  • Hague Blue’s hex code is #3D4E57
  • Hale Navy’s hex code is #434C56

The hex codes are numerical representations of the colors and are used to accurately render them in digital graphics applications.

Knowing these codes can be extremely useful for designers and digital artists who need to use these colors in their work.

Psychological Connotations of Each Color: What Each Color Communicates

The psychological connotations of each color, or what each individual color communicates, are more important than we often realize.

For example, have you ever noticed how calm and peaceful you “suddenly” feel, when you’ve been sitting in a room with blue walls – compared to, say, white or brown walls?

That calming sensation is the result of the deep psychological connotations of the color blue.

Read on, and explore the deeper meaning of these two shades of blue:

Hague Blue

Hague blue has a calming quality that can create feelings of relaxation and peacefulness.

Hence, this blue hue is one that is often used in people’s bedrooms, living rooms, and other spaces meant for leisure or rest.

Hale Navy

Hale navy, on the other hand, has a luxurious feel that can create an air of confidence and sophistication.

This shade is most often found in use in offices, dining rooms, and other environments where people want to impress their guests.

Popular Usage

Hague blue and hale navy aren’t as popular as say, midnight blue, cobalt blue, or navy blue – but, despite that, both colors see plenty of usage in many different contexts.

From commercial interiors to fashion, these two colors have been used in a wide variety of applications due to their complementary qualities.

In this section, we discuss the various ways that these two shades are commonly utilized:


Hale Navy Suit

Hague blue and hale navy both seem to be increasingly popular in regard to popular usage in fashion.

Hague blue is often used to create a sophisticated and polished look, while hale navy gives off an air of confidence and authority.

Both colors can be found in the wardrobes of celebrities, from suits worn by politicians to dresses donned by models on the red carpet.

Designers often combine both colors for a classic timeless look that will never go out of style.


Luxury hale navy car

Hague blue and hale navy are well-known staple shades of blue for interior design usage.

Whether used in a contemporary or classic setting, these two colors have a classic yet modern appeal.

From kitchen cabinets to lounge furniture, these tones can provide depth and contrast to any space.

They are perfect for creating an environment of relaxation and comfort in both residential homes as well as commercial spaces.

Furthermore, homeowners often choose these two shades together due to their complementary nature, allowing them to create an elegant look that is sure to impress guests.

Home Decor

Hague blue and hale navy have become two of the most popular colors for home decor in recent years – and their growth in popularity shows no signs of slowing down or reversing.

These two shades can create an elegant yet contemporary atmosphere, perfect for a chic living room or bedroom.

People often use these colors to accentuate bold pieces of furniture or artwork as they both pair nicely with warm tones like gold or copper.

Furthermore, these shades often give off a calming vibe, allowing people to feel relaxed in their own homes.

Whether used together or separately, Hague blue and hale navy are sure to make any room look exquisite.

Origins of Each Color

A nice restaurant

Hague blue and hale navy have a long history in design, with both being associated with different elements of the same palette.

Read on, to learn where and when these two blues came from:

Hague Blue

Hague blue originated from the French Industrial Revolution when it was used to create a vivid, deep blue color.

This color soon became popular in textile designs across Europe before eventually making its way into interior design.

Hale Navy

Hale navy is often seen as the deeper counterpart to Hague blue, originally derived from 19th-century marine painting techniques.

Today, these two shades are commonly used together or apart to bring a classic yet modern feel to any room or environment.

Common Questions 

What are the differences between Hague Blue and Hale Navy?

Hague blue is a deep and vivid blue sometimes referred to as “French blue.” This blue hue’s origins are in textile design during the industrial revolution. Hale navy is darker than Hague blue, often found in marine paintings. When used together, this duo provides a classic yet modern look for any room or environment.

What colors pair well with Hague Blue and Hale Navy?

Hague blue and hale navy pair nicely with other warm tones such as copper or gold to create an elegant atmosphere. These shades also go well with lighter colors like white or pale grey for a more neutral-toned space. Additionally, accentuating bold furniture pieces with these blues brings out a sophisticated vibe.

Where can I find Hague Blue and Hale Navy home decor items?

Various home decor items featuring both of these hues are widely available from online retailers or local stores. From rugs to curtains to wallpapers, there’s no shortage of ways to incorporate Hague blue and hale navy into your home decor!

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