5 Colors to Match a Hello Sailor Graphic Top

If you can’t think of a better way to upgrade your hello sailor graphic top, this is the fashion guide for you. The effortlessly cool and almost don’t-care-ish style is my favorite go-to pairing them with white espadrilles and statement necklaces. The combo gives a fresh spin to anything from a comfy sweatshirt to a more uptight dress.

A striking pattern that takes inspiration from the sea is featured on the “Hello Sailor” graphic shirt, which is an item of apparel that is joyful and entertaining. This top frequently features the words “Hello Sailor” in strong letters. It is frequently embellished with symbols associated with nautical cultures, such as anchors, ropes, and ships. Because it is typically constructed out of supple and cozy materials like cotton or polyester, the top is ideally suited for day-to-day use.

Woman wearing a sailor stripe top on a pink bckground

The “Hello Sailor” graphic top features a striking design that makes it an excellent statement piece that can be worn with various styles, ranging from relaxed and laid-back to more formal and elegant attire. This top is sure to make a statement no matter how you style it, and it will bring a dash of excitement to any ensemble you wear it with.

Colors Matching a Hello Sailor Graphic Top

1.     White

Hello sailor and white

The “Hello Sailor” graphic top features a white color scheme since white is a timeless color that works well with the top’s nautical theme. This color is adaptable, easy to maintain, and gives off an air of cleanliness and crispness. It works well with other hues to create a fashionable ensemble. Moreover, it is a versatile color that can be styled to seem lively and summery by pairing it with different accessories, such as a red handbag, a blue pair of sunglasses, or yellow pair of earrings.

2.     Red

Hello sailor and red

The “Hello Sailor” graphic top also looks great in red. A splash of color is added while simultaneously heightening the visual contrast with this vibrant color, which is a perfect complement to the striped pattern in the printed image on the shirt. To round off the look, you could put on a pair of red slacks or a red skirt. The shirt would also look great with a red handbag, shoes, or hat to accent the color scheme.

3.     Navy Blue

Hello sailor and navy blue

Those who are looking for a color that will never go out of style should go for navy blue. The “Hello Sailor” graphic top features a shade of blue that is a natural complement to this shade of dark blue, resulting in an ensemble that is coherent and classy. You may finish off the appearance by wearing navy blue bottoms with the top, such as slacks, a skirt, or shorts, or by selecting a navy blue accessory, such as a handbag or shoes in the same shade.

4.     Yellow

Hello sailor and yellow

The “Hello Sailor” graphic top looks great in yellow because it is a cheerful color with a lot of sunshine. This bright shade injects some levity and confidence into the ensemble. Wearing it is an excellent way to add a dash of color to the look. You can finish off the appearance by accessorizing with a yellow accessory, such as a handbag or jewelry, or you may choose to wear yellow bottoms, such as slacks, shorts, or a skirt, to compliment the top.

5.     Red and White Stripes

Hello sailor and red and white stripes

You also have the option of matching the “Hello Sailor” graphic top with red and white stripes. This time-honored pattern gives a wink to the seafaring motif while also lending an air of refined elegance to the ensemble.

To finish off this style, you can choose to wear shorts, a skirt, or pants with red and white stripes. You can also accessorize with a striped accessory, such as a handbag or shoes. As a result of the stripes and the graphic top working together, you will have an ensemble that is both fashionable and well put together.

These five colors work well with a “Hello Sailor” graphic top. If you want, you can mix and match and project your personal style.

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