5 Colors to Pick With Statement Jewelry

Are you wondering which outfit colors you can wear with statement jewelry?

Statement jewelry can look like a wreck, especially if you pair it with the wrong colors. However, thanks to this guide, we are hopeful that you can avoid a wardrobe disaster.

Here are 5 colors to pick with statement jewelry:

1.    Black

Black is a powerful color- it often represents mysteries, secrets, and everything hidden. Hence, wearing it is a great way to look and feel powerful.

Black has been a classic color over the past few decades and is designed to look simple yet elegant. It can be dressed up or down according to any occasion, whether at a funeral or a party.

Since black is such a simple color, it can be paired with any statement jewelry. Think of Audrey Hepburn, who wore statement pearls with her black dress every time!

  1. White

Loads of colors of statement jewelry complement white outfits. Since white is a pale color, you can pair the boldest and brightest pieces of jewelry with it.

You can dress in white from top to bottom and pair black, silver, cream, or rose gold accessories with your outfit. If you are feeling fierce, you can always add red and other bright-colored accessories with white as well.

3.    Nude

Do you remember the time when Taylor Swift appeared at the VMAs wearing a nude dress and crystal jewelry? Since then, there has been no looking back at nude dresses.

Over the years, many celebrities have worn their diamonds with nude or naked outfits. This is mainly because nude outfits do a wonderful job of making statement jewelry stand out.

After all, it has not been too long since Zendaya wore a nude gown with matching nude stilettos and a statement emerald necklace from Bulgari Magnifica.

4.    Light Blue

Light blue outfits pair well with silver statement jewelry pieces, but they can look classy with metallic jewels as well.

If you are looking to stand out, pair your light blue outfit with a neon pink and light-yellow statement jewelry piece, along with a beige clutch. This will ensure that all attention falls on your beautiful jewelry.

5.    Pastel Yellow

Ever since man has become more aware of colors through the use of fashion and art, pastel yellow has become the new favorite.

Many people think that yellow outfits are not their cup of tea because they can be difficult to pull off. However, pastel yellow is different- it looks cool as it diffuses the intensity, and when used on cotton or linen outfits, pastel yellow can look beautiful.

White gold, pale, and silver jewelry looks the best on pastel yellow outfits. The key is to keep your overall look simple rather than fussy and complicated.


Now that you know which colors to pick with statement jewelry, which combinations are you most drawn to?

Whatever you choose, remember to keep it classy and simple! Remember, when it comes to statement jewelry, less is always more.

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