Midnight Blue vs Navy Blue (Explained with Pictures)

Navy blue and midnight blue have subtle differences in their hues, but what sets them apart from each other?

Read on and we’ll explore the similarities and differences between navy blue and midnight blue in an in-depth comparison.

We also take a look into how these colors have been used throughout history and contemporary design.

So, if you are ready to go, let’s jump right into the navy blue vs midnight blue comparison below!

Differences Between Midnight Blue vs Navy Blue

Though often confused with each other, midnight blue and navy blue are actually two very different colors.

They are both dark blues, but they differ in hue, shade, and overall tone. Let’s explore these differences more in-depth:

Midnight Blue

Midnight blue is a vibrant shade with a hint of purple, while the navy is a deeper and darker hue with more greyish-purple undertones.

This blue shade also provides a unique look to an outfit or home design, while navy can be seen as more timeless and classic.

Navy Blue

Generally speaking, Navy blue is a bit darker and has more depth and richness to it than the midnight shade of blue.

Navy blue is often mistaken for midnight blue, and dark blue because it is the darker shade out of all three of these popular blue hues.

The dark grey or purple undertones of navy blue are typically what sets it apart from otherwise similar blue colors.

Here’s a recap of the key differences between midnight blue vs navy blue:

  • Midnight blue is a bit warmer and richer shade of blue than navy blue, with slight purple undertones. Further, it is a slightly lighter version of blue than navy blue.
  • Navy blue is a standard solid dark blue with a slightly deeper hue than midnight blue. It also has a slightly purple-grey undertone to it in addition to being darker.

All in all? Both are versatile colors that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion and they can be used together in various combinations to create beautiful looks.

Hex Codes

Midnight Blue and Navy Blue

Knowing the differences between midnight blue vs navy blue hex codes is essential to avoid choosing the wrong color for your intents and purposes.

These two distinct shades of the color blue have their own unique hex code.

The hex code for midnight blue is #191970.

Navy blue’s hex code is #003f87 respectively.

Hex codes provide a numerical representation of colors which can be used in a variety of ways.

In web design, they are used to set background and text colors on websites, while in graphic design they allow for a precise selection of colors that can then be applied to any product or artwork.

Hex codes also make it easier to match colors across different devices and mediums – an especially important consideration when designing home decor or logo brand identity pieces.

Psychological Connotations of Each Color: What Each Color Communicates

Psychologically speaking, midnight blue and navy blue can both bring different connotations to a design.

Midnight Blue

Midnight blue is often seen as a luxurious and sophisticated color, conveying stability and depth.

The shade is also slightly brighter, which lends it happier and more vibrant energy than the somewhat darker navy blue color.

Navy Blue

On the other hand, navy blue communicates trustworthiness and power.

These connotations make it popular for corporate settings or for designs that require an element of authority – which is why it is so often chosen for business suits.

That said, navy blue also has a much more calming effect, making it ideal for bedrooms or relaxing spaces.

Popular Usage

The popular usage of midnight blue and navy blue can vary greatly depending on the context.

Both colors have been popular over the years, but some key differences should be taken into account when using them in any setting.

Below, we continue to compare midnight blue vs navy blue, in terms of popular usage in fashion, design, and home decor.


navy blue fashion

Midnight blue and navy blue are both staples in the fashion world, with each hue offering its own unique style.

Midnight blue is popular in eveningwear and casual attire, while navy blue is seen more often in formal and business looks.

Navy blue is often seen as a more muted option, while midnight blue brings vibrancy and energy to an outfit.

They can be used together or separately depending on the desired look, with navy blue adding structure to a look and midnight blue introducing a touch of personality.

Whether it’s an evening dress or a casual outfit, navy and midnight provide an effortless elegance that looks just as good for day or night.


To put it as basic as possible; midnight blue can be used to create an elegant or luxurious feel in design, while navy blue is a diverse shade of blue that is often used in a much wider variety of settings.

When used in home design, midnight blue, and navy blue are both capable of create a timeless, classic look.

They can be used together or separately to bring elegance and sophistication to any room.

Home Decor

Blue plate

Midnight blue and navy blue are both popular colors for home decor, with each offering unique styling opportunities.

Navy blue can create a calming effect in any room, while midnight blue can bring vibrancy and energy to a space.

However, while midnight blue and navy blue are popular choices for home decor, midnight blue is more often considered a more sophisticated shade.

Origins of Each Color


The origins of both midnight blue and navy blue, like many such classic colors, have a long history. The use of midnight blue can be traced back to Ancient Greece when the color was used in clothing.

In the Middle Ages, rich fabrics were often dyed with this shade to reflect power and prestige.

Navy blue was adopted by the British Royal Air Force at the beginning of the 20th century and eventually became the official color of all UK military forces a few short decades later.

This shade also rose to fame in haute couture fashion after Coco Chanel popularised it during her iconic career as a designer.

Common Questions

What is the difference between midnight blue and navy blue?

The main difference between midnight blue and navy blue is that midnight blue has a slightly warmer hue, while navy blue appears to be cooler in color – though it is easy to confuse one for the other, at a glance.

Which color works better for fashion?

blue swimsuit and hat

It depends on the style of fashion you are trying to achieve. Midnight blue tends to work best with more luxurious and sophisticated looks, as it is a bit warmer and brighter than navy blue. That said, navy blue is a great fashion choice when you want to add an element of authority and power to any outfit.

Is one shade more popular than the other?

Both colors have been popular over the years, although recent trends have seen a rise in the popularity of midnight blue. It is likely that its slighter warmer tones make it more popular in today’s fashion world.

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