7 Nail Colors That Go With Light Blue

If you are planning to wear a light blue outfit for a special occasion and don’t know what nail color to choose, you’ve come to the right place for fashion advice! Read on to learn about nail colors that go with light blue.

Light Pink

pink nails 1

Most nude shades work well as nail colors. They create a clean, natural look that can complement any outfit. Plus, they make your fingers look longer, especially if you choose a shade that matches your skin tone. Moreover, they are appropriate for any occasion, from work parties to weddings.

While picking a nude shade, make sure that it blends well with your skin tone and the color of your dress. When it comes to a light blue dress, the best nude shade you can go for is light pink. It will work really well with the lightness of your dress – not drawing attention away from it while giving a delicate and romantic touch to your entire look.

Other nude nail colors that go with light blue are light beige, brown, and cream.

Soft Yellow

yellow nails 1

Yellow and light blue are complementary colors. What does this mean? Simply put, they sit opposite each other on the color wheel. This means they create a visually pleasing effect when used together, exuding a sense of spring and happiness.

Make sure you select a softer shade of yellow to go with your light blue dress. This is because dark yellow nails may look out of place and clash with your dress’s light color.

Try shades like pastel lemon or buttercup – they will definitely look lovely with your outfit!


red nails 1

Using light nail colors over a blue dress may be a safe choice, but you can always pick a dark nail color for a warmer, bold look. For instance, vibrant red nail polish can contrast perfectly with your light blue dress and make you feel powerful and refined, especially if you finish the look with golden accessories.

It is an ideal choice to add a touch of passion and sensuality to your overall appearance for special, luxurious evening parties or weddings.

Dark or Navy Blue

navy blue nails 1

Dark blue and navy blue are the most sophisticated nail colors that go with light blue. They can contrast well with your dress, creating a balanced, harmonious look perfect for formal occasions. You can add silver jewelry to accentuate your outfit further.


coral nails

Coral is a bright and cheerful color you can use to add a pop of color to light blue. It can create a fun and playful look, perfect for a summer day, and add a bit more femininity to your overall outfit.


silver nails 1

This metallic color can add a touch of glamor to light blue. It can create a modern and edgy look  – perfect for a night out.

Mint Green

mint green nails

Mint green is a cool and refreshing color that pairs well with light blue. It can create a fresh and modern look and is ideal for a casual occasion.

Pairing different colors with light blue is tricky. You want to complement the shade of blue you’re wearing without taking attention away from it – something easier said than done. The nail colors mentioned above will ensure that you’re able to create a look that wows those around you, no matter the occasion.

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