Nautico Color vs Navy Blue (Explained with Pictures)

If you’re looking for stylish colors for your home decor or fashion projects, you can’t go wrong with either nautico or navy blue.

But how do these two blues really differ from each other?

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the differences between nautico and navy blue and explore ways to use them effectively in your designs.

Read on below, to learn everything about nautico color vs navy blue you ever wanted to know!

Differences Between Nautico vs Navy Blue

Nautico and navy blue are two colors that are often confused but have distinct differences.


Nautico is a brighter and less muted than navy blue, while navy blue is deeper and darker.

That is why when it comes to fashion or design, nautico gives off a more energetic and “fun” vibe than it’s serious-looking counter-part navy blue.

This makes Nautica a great choice for designs that need to be strong and assertive.

Navy Blue

While navy blue works well for soothing or serene projects, due to the way it conveys a calming atmosphere.

That said, navy blue also exudes ownership, leadership, trustworthiness, and more.

All things considered, navy blue is one of the most timeless colors, right beside black.

These two colors can also be used together in combination with other colors and textures to create sophisticated designs.

Both colors are popular choices for home decor as they evoke warm yet elegant environments.

Hex Codes

Nautico Color and Navy Blue

The hex codes for nautico blue and navy blue are important when considering the differences between these two colors.

Knowing the hex code can help you accurately identify the color and its variations.

  • Nautico’s hex code is #12345b
  • Navy Blue’s hex code is #003f87

The first two digits in each set denote the red value, and the next two denote the green value, with the last two indicating blue intensity.

If you want to create an exact match between nautico blue and navy, then you should use a physical swatch card as this will provide an accurate comparison between the two shades.

However, if you need to make a visual estimation of what a resulting color will look like when mixing or blending blues then a hex code can be very helpful in achieving that goal.

Understanding the color wheel is also key when using hex codes to compare both midnight and navy blues.

If one wishes to achieve a true blend then one must understand how to use different shades of hue correctly to bring out subtle variations in shades of blue that may not be noticeable just by looking at them side by side.

Psychological Connotations of Each Color: What Each Color Communicates

office with blue accent wall

Both nautico blue and navy blue have psychological connotations that can be expressed through their use in clothing, art, and interior design, as do all colors.

In other words, the color tones embody different messages and feelings that people can draw from them.

Let’s take a look:


Nautico blue is often associated with maturity, strength, wisdom, power, and intelligence. It conveys authority while still being subtle and non-threatening.

This color can be seen as reliable and trustworthy, making it a popular choice for professionals in the corporate world.

Navy Blue

Navy blue has similar connotations to nautico, as it is essentially a darker version of blue, but leans more towards power or authority than energy and excitement.

Navy is often seen as an elegant color choice that is calming yet classy, offering a sense of security without being overly serious or somber.

This makes it a great option for those looking to create an atmosphere of sophistication or luxury in their homes or businesses.

Overall, both colors are timeless classics that will never go out of style due to their simple yet powerful messaging capabilities.

Whether you choose nautico or navy blue depends on the message you want to convey whether it be reliability, power, elegance, or sophistication!

Popular Usage

It’s no wonder that both nautico and navy blue are popular choices for home decor and fashion projects – they are classy colors that project both calming and powerful energies at the same time.

From creating sophisticated designs to adding an authoritative or calming atmosphere, these vibrant blues have been used in many different settings!

In this section of our nautico vs navy blue comparison, we’ll look at some of the more popular instances of nautico and navy blue being used in fashion and design.


blue perfume bottle

Nautico blue and navy blue are popular colors used in a wide range of design projects, from logos to clothing items.

This is because both of these shades can be seen as classic and timeless, being associated with sophistication and elegance.

Nautico blue is traditionally seen as a powerful and authoritative color whereas navy blue conveys a more calming, secure presence.

As such, they are commonly used together to create designs that incorporate both of these connotations.

Home Decor

nautico blue home decor

Nautico blue and navy blue are also popular choices for home decor due to their versatility.

Both shades can be used to create sophisticated yet warm environments, making them ideal options for those looking to make an eloquent statement.

They also work well when combined with other colors and textures to add depth to any interior design project.

In fact, both of these shades are more often found as accents (on trim, or as a border), than as the main color of the central design theme.

Origins of Each Color

sea drone shot

Here’s a quick look at the origin of nautico and navy blue:


Nautico is a warm, bright blue with its roots in marine environments – as it appears much like a beautiful blue hue of warm water.

In fact, It’s inspired by the Mediterranean sea, hence it is often associated with travel and exploration.

Navy Blue

Navy blue, on the other hand, has a much longer history – it was originally used as an official uniform color for sailors in the Royal Navy during the 19th century!

The color has been adopted by many of the world’s various armed forces, especially for naval uniforms. In the UK, almost all of the military units wear uniforms of this color.

Common Questions 

What is the difference between nautico and navy blue?

Navy blue has a darker and more muted hue than nautico, which is a pleasantly lighter and brighter shade of blue. Additionally, navy blue is most often associated with authority and reliability, while nautico conveys fun, warmth, excitement, and travel.

Is one color better than the other for fashion or design projects?

Both colors can be used for fashion or design projects depending on the desired outcome. Navy blue is traditionally seen as a powerful and authoritative color, making it ideal for designs that need to convey strength or prestige. On the other hand, nautico elicits a more energetic atmosphere, so it works well for designs that are meant to be fun or light-hearted.

Can these colors be used together?

Yes! Both of these shades can create sophisticated designs when used together in combination with other colors and textures. They tend to best in home decor where they can be used to create warm yet elegant environments, with navy accents on nautico-dominated designs.

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