5 Neutral Nail Colors That Go With Everything

In today’s fast-paced world, most women barely have time to go to the salon and maintain their nails. However, neutral nail colors that work with any outfit make this much easier.

When free time is a luxury, finding the best neutral nail shades can make you feel more collected. Here are some nail colors that go with everything:

White Tip Nails

white tip nails

Can you ever go wrong with a French manicure? You can choose to apply the white nail polish on the tips of your toes or fingers without worrying about whether it will look good on you. After all, French nails are timeless and look classy on all skin tones.

When done professionally, white-tip nails can make your fingers look clean and tidy. The best part is that even when your nails grow out, your manicure will stay in place!

If you are looking for a fresh take on white-tip nails, white ombre French nails are the new hype. These nails are perfect for low-maintenance individuals who do not like going to the salon every two weeks.

Light Grey Nails

light gray nails

Light grey is a neutral nail color that goes with everything. It looks timeless, classic, and trendy, regardless of the time and place.

We love that grey nails can be flaunted despite the time of the year- you can apply this color during the summer months and switch to a darker shade of grey when autumn turns into winter.

Finish up the look by adorning your fingers with some gold or silver rings!

Blush Nails

blush nails

Blush nails are perfect for fair-skinned individuals who do not like girly pink and want to stick to a more neutral shade. Blush is a subdued and subtle shade of pink, which means that you can get away with pairing any outfit with blush nails.

Whether you want to go on a girl’s trip or take meetings with clients, blush nails are the perfect balance between playful and professional.

Beige Nails

beige nails 2

Commonly known as nude nails, beige is a color that is perfect for any time of the year. It is difficult not to fall in love with, and it proves to be the perfect choice for anyone who likes matching their outfit with their nails.

Even though beige nails look great on all skin tones, you might need to find the shade that looks best on you. Medium-to-dark complexions can flaunt any shade of beige they want, while fairer complexions might like lighter shades of beige.

Experiment with as many shades as you can based on your undertone, and stick to those that brighten up your skin tone!

Lilac Nails

lilac nails

Lilac might be the least common nail color, but when applied properly, it will not require any nail art to look beautiful. It is a gorgeous yet neutral nail color to wear during the spring and summer seasons.

We recommend looking for shades of lilac that are light and subdued. The best part is that these shades will go well with most outfits in your closet, whether you want to wear yellow, pink, grey, or blue.


Which neutral nail colors do you think you will try? Don’t be afraid to experiment before adding the nail color to your permanent list of best-liked colors!

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