New Color Frostmint Leaves Art Student Feeling Threatened by AI’s Creative Abilities

I recently discovered a new color called Frostmint with the help of AI. It was a beautiful blue-green shade that looked like it was made of pure ice crystals.

Here’s how I made Frostmint (it was really easy).

First I asked Chat GPT to do this: Invent a new color and tell me what it looks like.

Here’s what it told me…

Frostmint is a cool, refreshing color that combines the icy blue tones of frost with the pale green hues of mint. It’s a light, almost translucent color that evokes a sense of clarity and purity. Frostmint is a calming color that brings to mind the chill of winter mornings and the invigorating scent of fresh mint leaves.

In terms of its appearance, Frostmint is a pale and slightly muted color, with a subtle shimmer that gives it a soft, almost ethereal quality. It’s a versatile color that can be paired with a variety of other hues, from warm earthy tones to cool blues and purples. Overall, Frostmint is a unique and captivating color that would add a touch of freshness and sophistication to any design or palette.

Then I asked it to do this: Give me an ai prompt I can use for Midjourney image maker to create an image of Frostmint

It replied…

“Create an abstract image that embodies the color Frostmint. Use cool, icy blues and pale greens to capture the essence of this refreshing and invigorating color. Incorporate subtle shimmers or translucencies to give the image a soft and ethereal quality, like a frosty winter morning or a sprig of fresh mint. The image should evoke a sense of calm and clarity, while also capturing the unique and captivating nature of this new color.”

And here’s what the final product looked like:





I couldn’t wait to show it to my art student friend!

But when I did, she became upset and started to doubt her own abilities. She felt like she could never create anything as unique as Frostmint.

I knew she needed some reassurance, so I reminded her that AI may be able to create amazing things, but it could never replicate the emotions and inspiration that come from a human artist’s heart.

My friend started to feel better, and she realized that AI couldn’t replace the unique creativity of a human artist. She embraced Frostmint as a challenge and a source of inspiration and said that she would start using AI to inspire and create artwork rather than fearing it.

In the end, my friend learned that while AI may be a powerful tool for artists, it couldn’t replace the unique perspective and creativity of a human artist. Frostmint may have caused her initial distress, but it ultimately helped her discover a new level of inspiration and creativity in her art.

How We Should Approach AI Art and Design

As artificial intelligence continues to make its mark in the world of art, many people are starting to question what this means for our own creativity and ability to create meaningful artwork.

While it’s true that AI may have its strengths, it’s important to remember that there are still some things that only humans can do. Our unique perspective, emotions, and experiences give us a creative edge that AI can never replicate.

Instead of feeling threatened by AI-generated art, we should embrace it as a challenge to push our own creativity even further. By using AI as inspiration and combining it with our own unique vision and creativity, we can continue to create meaningful and beautiful art that is uniquely our own.

frostmint penguin
frostmint penguin

For example… I created this Frostmint-themed penguin which I had in my head but couldn’t quite figure out how to express it. I’m glad AI was able to help me bring my vision to life…

No matter how you create – keep doing it!


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