Polo Blue vs Hale Navy (Explained with Pictures)

Polo blue and hale navy are two shades of blue that evoke feelings of luxury, sophistication, and confidence.

If you are looking for a statement-making color palette to bring your next project or home decor to life, then you will want to take a closer look at these two colors.

In this post, we’ll compare polo blue and hale navy in terms of their properties and uses so you can decide which one best suits your needs – read on, below!

Differences Between Polo Blue vs Navy

One of the most noticeable differences between polo blue and hale navy lies in the shades and tones that make up their distinct blue hues.

Polo Blue

Polo blue is a muted and light shade of blue, while the hale navy is a darker and more vibrant hue.

This color variance can make all the difference for a project or home decor.

Hale Navy

Hale navy, has an almost purple undertone when examined up close and personal, while polo blue also has a slightly more greenish tinge to it in comparison.

The bottom line is that above all else, polo blue and hale navy are two beautiful shades of blue that work together beautifully, offering the perfect balance between vibrancy and sophistication despite their obvious differences.

Hex Codes

Polo Blue and Hale Navy

For those unfamiliar with basic coding languages, hex codes are used to represent colors in digital projects, such as websites or apps.

Here are the codes for polo blue and hale navy:

  • Polo blue’s hex code is #8AA7CC
  • Hale navy’s hex code is #434B56 (or #434C56)

These hex codes allow you to quickly and precisely identify colors when it comes to development, making life a lot easier for developers.

By using these two codes, you can now easily incorporate polo blue and hale navy into your project or home decor.

Psychological Connotations of Each Color: What Each Color Communicates

The psychological connotations related to each color determine how others interpret the colors, as well as what they think about it says about you.

It is crucial to understand what each color communicates, so let’s have a look:

Polo Blue

Polo blue is a calming and peaceful hue that brings to mind images of the ocean or sky.

It is often associated with qualities such as trust, reliability, and responsibility.

Hale Navy

Hale navy, on the other hand, has more intense connotations. It often symbolizes power, strength, and confidence.

It has an air of sophistication that makes it perfect for people looking to add an element of elegance to their project or home decor.

Popular Usage

Polo blue and hale navy are popular colors for use in fashion, home decor, graphic design projects, websites, apps, and more.

These rich blues can bring a calming feel to any space or product.

Continue on, and learn all about the popular usage of these two shades of blue in the following subsections:


Gray suit

Polo blue is a popular choice for clothing, as it can help create an air of relaxed sophistication.

It has been used to create everything from everyday casual wear to formal attire.

Hale navy is also a popular choice for fashion, often associated with elegance or luxury.

It can be used to add an element of sophistication to any outfit and make a statement without being too flashy or loud.


hale navy light fixture

Polo blue is a popular choice for graphic design projects because it can be used to create a calming atmosphere that doesn’t take away from the intended message.

It is also versatile enough to be paired with other colors or shades for a more dynamic look.

Hale navy is also a popular choice for design projects, as it brings an air of elegance and sophistication. It can be used to add depth and texture to any piece without overpowering the overall design.

Home Decor

Hale navy interior

Polo blue is a popular choice for home decor because it helps to create an atmosphere of relaxation, peacefulness, and comfort.

This shade of blue can also be used to bring out the most beautiful elements of any room, such as furniture or artwork.

That said, the hale navy version of blue is also a popular choice for home decor – and is more often associated with luxury and class.

It is ideal for dressing up a room without being too bold or heavy-handed.

Origins of Each Color

ralph lauren store

It might not seem so essential for your project, but knowing the origins of the colors you use in your wardrobe, home decor, and other design projects helps.

Let’s have a look at the origins of these two colors:

Polo Blue

Polo blue is a color that was inspired by the sea, sky, and classic Polo Ralph Lauren polo shirts.

It has been used in many design projects, often representing a sense of calm and serenity.

Hale Navy

Hale navy was first popularized by the legendary designer, Benjamin Moore.

It was inspired by the vibrant colors found in nature, such as the ocean or deep blue sky.

With its classic hue and timeless style, it quickly became a top choice for home decorators around the world.

Common Questions 

What are the main differences between polo blue and hale navy?

The main difference between these two colors is their intensity; polo blue is a lighter, softer shade while the hale navy is bolder and darker. Additionally, polo blue has a calming effect while hale navy creates an atmosphere of luxury and extravagance.

How can I choose between polo blue and hale navy for home decor?

It really depends on your personal preference as well as the type of look you’re trying to create. If you want something more subtle, opt for polo blue. If you’d like a more dramatic look, go with hale navy.

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