Rit Navy Blue vs Denim Blue (Differences Explained)

When it comes to some shades of blue, there’s a world of difference between them. For example, like Rit navy blue and denim blue – there are vast differences between the two.

In recent years, these two distinctive hues have grown in popularity for interior design and fashion alike. But what sets them apart?

Read on below and learn about the differences between these two beautiful blues and how they can be used to bring an extra touch of style to any space!

Differences Between Rit Navy Blue vs Denim Blue

When it comes to cool shades of blue, Rit navy blue and denim blue offer two distinct looks – one sophisticated and powerful, the other more relaxed and casual.

Let’s take a closer look at their differences, below!

Rit Navy Blue

rit navy blue

Rit navy blue is a dark, inky shade that evokes strength and power. It’s often used to bring a bold look to furniture, walls, and floors.

As a paint color, it can be mixed with white for a softer feel or combined with other rich hues for an eye-catching effect.

Denim Blue

denim blue

In comparison to Rit navy blue, denim blue is much more laid-back and casual.

This lighter blue has hints of grey and green which makes it great for creating a softer look in any room.

Combined with other neutrals like white or grey, denim blue offers subtle sophistication to any living space.

Hex Codes

rit navy blue and denim blue hex

Hex codes are a system of numbers and letters that can be used to precisely identify a color; allowing designers and developers to create digital artwork with accuracy.

They’re an essential tool for any creative project, as they ensure that the end product looks exactly how the designer envisioned.

  • Rit navy blue’s hex code is #011627. This shade of blue is a darker and more dramatic shade than standard navy blue (#003f87).
  • Denim blue’s hex code is #6F8FAF. This lighter, understated blue color has grey and green undertones for a softer look.

Keep in mind, one wrong digit in the hex code input field of your digital projects and you’ll render the wrong color!

Psychological Connotations of Each Color: What Each Color Communicates

Each color has its own psychological connotations that can communicate certain emotions, moods, and ideas.

Navy blue is a bold, classic color that communicates strength and power. It can also convey formality, respect, and reliability.

Denim blue is a more subtle shade that evokes comfort, familiarity, and relaxation. It can also communicate dependability and sophistication.

Popular Usage

The popularity of Rit Navy Blue and Denim Blue means that each color has been used in many different contexts, from fashion to interior design.

That’s dive into the popular usages rit navy blue vs denim blue, below:


women wearing denim

Rit Navy Blue is often used in formal apparel, while Denim Blue is a more casual option that can be seen in both outerwear and interior design.

For example, denim blue is the reason some folks call jeans “blue” jeans. Further, Navy blue colors, including Rit navy blue, is one of the most popular colors for suits and skirts.

Both colors are highly versatile and complementary when paired with other colors.


denim rug

Rit Navy Blue and Denim Blue have both been popular in the design world, with both colors being featured prominently in home décor.

Rit Navy Blue brings a sophisticated presence to any room, while Denim Blue adds texture and comfort that can be seen in furniture as well as curtains or rugs.

Both colors are timeless and can be used to bring a modern or classic look to any space.

Home Decor

tie dye pillow

Rit Navy Blue and Denim Blue are both popular choices when it comes to home decor.

Rit Navy Blue is perfect for adding a luxurious touch to any room with its dark hue while still providing depth and versatility.

Denim Blue, on the other hand, brings texture and comfort to any space and can be used in furniture pieces, curtains, or rugs without ever losing its classic appeal.

Origins of Each Color

denim dyeing

Both colors are timeless, making them perfect for creating a modern or classic look in almost any environment.

Rit Navy Blue

Rit Navy Blue was first introduced in the late 1920s as a replacement for the traditional navy uniform.

It is derived from the original mixtures of indigo and dark blue dyes, which create a deep, rich hue.

Denim Blue

Denim Blue has been around since the early 19th century when it was originally used for workwear.

It has since become a staple in fashion and home decor, with its versatile shades ranging from lighter to darker blues.

Both colors are timeless and continue to be popular choices for modern-day designs.

Common Questions

What is the difference between Rit Navy Blue and Denim Blue?

Rit Navy Blue is a deep and rich hue created from a combination of indigo and dark blue dyes. Denim Blue has a lighter to a darker range of blues that has been used for decades as a staple color in fashion and home decor.

Rit Navy Blue vs Denim Blue: which color is better for home decor?

Both colors are great options for home decor! It comes down to personal preference, as each color offers something unique and timeless for any space.

Are these colors easy to coordinate with other colors?

denim and browns

Yes! Both Rit Navy Blue and Denim Blues can be combined with other colors or neutrals to create a visually interesting atmosphere – in addition, just about any light shade of blue looks amazing with navy blue colors.

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