Royal Blue vs Navy Blue Suit (Explained with Pictures)

Royal blue is an eye-catching color that can add a touch of luxury to any look while navy blue is more subtle and classic in its effect – both of which are incredibly popular suit colors.

Below, we will explore the differences between these two shades of blue in terms of both their appearance and the hex codes associated with them so you can decide which one best suits your style.

So, read on! Learn everything you need to know about royal blue vs navy blue suits.

Differences Between Royal Blue vs Navy Blue Suit

One of the biggest differences between royal blue and navy blue suits is the intensity of their blue shades.

Royal blue has a bolder hue than navy, making it appear brighter and more striking when worn as part of a suit.

However, both colors have the same level of sophistication when it comes to formalwear.

The other noticeable difference comes down to the shade range – royal blue has a wider range than navy does, making it easier to find exactly the shade you want for your formal ensemble.

All things considered, royal blue vs navy blue suit is a popular choice for formal events and can often be found at wedding parties, corporate meetings, and other special occasions.

Hex Codes

Royal Blue and Navy Blue Suit

The hex codes of both royal blue and navy blue are easy to recognize.

Royal blue is represented by the code #4169E1, while navy blue is represented by the code #003f87.

Both of these colors are universally recognized and can be used as a way to distinguish formal wear in any situation. Hence both royal blue and navy blue suits are quite popular in the business world, where formal attire is everyday-wear.

The hex codes provide an additional level of detail that allows for more exact color matching when pairing different shades or accessories with either one.

Psychological Connotations of Each Color: What Each Color Communicates

What each color communicates plays a significant role in the way we perceive the world around us.

Different colors can evoke different emotions and communicate different messages, even in regards to the shade of our clothes – including your suit.

When choosing which shade of blue to wear for a formal event, it’s important to consider the psychological connotations of each color so you can send the right message.

Royal blue communicates confidence, power, and authority. It’s often seen as a regal color, associated with luxury and sophistication – that’s why royal blue suits are often preferred by CEOs and executive types.

Navy blue, on the other hand, is seen as more reliable and stable – thus, navy blue suits are one of the main colors for military dress suits. It’s a classic color that conveys trustworthiness and dependability.

Consider the message you want to communicate before deciding which blue suit to wear.

If you want to convey power and confidence, go for royal blue. That said, if you want to appear dependable and trustworthy, go for navy blue.

Popular Usage

With the evolution of fashion and modern trends, royal blue and navy blue have become increasingly popular shades of suit to wear on formal occasions.

These two colors have been used as accents or as the main feature in many different kinds of formalwear, from tuxedos to suits.

Below, continue on to learn more about the differences in popular usage of royal blue vs navy blue suits, in the following sub-sections:


royal blue suit

Royal blue and navy blue are two of the most popular shades of suits in the world, right behind black suits.

In terms of fashion, royal blue suits are often seen as a bold statement, conveying power, confidence, and authority by the wearer.

Navy blue suits on the other hand are classic and timeless, providing a reliable look that is suitable for any occasion.

In terms of formalwear, the two colors have become ubiquitous – from tuxedos to suits – both can be used as primary or secondary colors to complement the overall look.


Royal blue and navy blue are two of the most popular colors used in the design. Royal blue has a striking presence, often creating an eye-catching look that is both bold and dynamic.

Navy blue, on the other hand, is a classic hue that is both reliable, providing an element of sophistication to any design – yes, even suits.

Even more, together, they can be used to create a unique and timeless aesthetic, whether it’s for graphic design, product packaging, or website design.

Home Decor

Royal blue and navy blue aren’t just popular for suits – these two colors are among the most popular shades used in home decor as well.

Royal blue has an air of regality, making it a great choice for accent pieces such as throw pillows, rugs, or curtains.

Navy blue is timeless and elegant, providing a dependable look that can be used to create a consistent and cohesive design scheme.

Both colors can be combined to create a monochromatic or complementary look – from living rooms to bedrooms, these hues are versatile enough to be used in any space.

Origins of Each Color

royal blue carpeting on staircase

Royal blue has origins that date back to the early 18th century when it was first used by European royalty as a clothing dye – today, it is a preferred suit color by managers, businessmen, and executives.

Thats because this vibrant shade of blue represented wealth and power, and eventually became associated with luxury and status.

Navy blue has a more somber history, originating as a military uniform color in the 19th century – hence it represents loyalty and public service.

In addition, this dark hue is associated with authority and strength, making navy blue a popular choice for design elements such as logos or website backgrounds.

Common Questions 

What is the difference between royal blue and navy blue suits?

The main difference between royal blue and navy blue is the shade. Royal blue is a brighter and more vibrant shade, while navy blue is darker and more somber. Otherwise, at a glance, the two colors are extremely similar.

Where can I wear a royal or navy blue suit?

Suits of both of these shades are timeless enough to be worn in any formal setting – from weddings to job interviews. The navy blue suit is also suitable for dates, reunions, work, and other formal functions.

Is it appropriate to mix and match royal and navy blues?

royal blue socks

Yes! Combining these two shades can create a unique, sophisticated look – perfect for creating a sense of unity within your home decor. For Example, in regards to suits, navy blue suit pants and suit jackets look amazing on top of a royal blue suit shirt.7

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