9 Colors to Match With Fringe Outfits

Everyone knows that fringe outfits are back in style! However, fashion can be unforgiving, and if you pair these outfits with the wrong color, you are in for a wardrobe malfunction.

Here are some colors to match your fringe outfits:

1.    White

If you are wearing a multicolored fringe cardigan, a white button top would look classy. This is because since your outfit already has a lot of colors, you need to allow your fringe cardigan to do all the talking.

The fringes on the cardigan will allow this style to speak for itself. You can pair this outfit with blue jeans to complete the look.

2.    Silver

Are you thinking of wearing a white fringed jacket to a music festival and want to find ways to amp this up? The best way to do so is by including a touch of silver in your outfit.

You can wear a silver tube top or a silver dress with sequences to make the entire outfit look more fashionable.

3.    Black

A blue fringed dress would make a wonderful cocktail outfit if paired with the correct color. You can pair your fringed mini skirt with a black shawl, and to complement the entire look, you can throw on black heels and a black clutch.

This outfit will ensure that your dress gets all the attention.

4.    Beige

Another classic color to pair with a black fringed dress is beige. Beige can help neutralize your entire outfit so that it does not look too much.

This outfit can be worn at weddings or at a funeral, depending on how you choose to style it.

  1. Brown

Do you have a blue fringed dress that needs to be taken out of the closet, but you have no idea what color accessories to wear it with?

Brown is always a safe choice- you can include a brown satchel bag and pair it with brown shoes to create a minimal yet sophisticated look.

6.    Yellow

If your fringed outfit has a basic color like white or black, why not amp up your look with a neon yellow?

Even though yellow is a difficult color to pull off, it will attract attention and can be a great accessory with a fringed outfit, especially if you are wearing a fringed top.

7.    Pastel Green

Do you have nude fringed heels that need to be worn before the winter ends? Fringed heels can look overwhelming if they are not paired with a light color, especially since they have so much going on.

However, a pastel green short dress is perfect to wear with nude fringed heels, as the length of the dress will help make the heels the center of attention while ensuring that the color does not make the outfit look cheap.

8.    Navy Blue

Who said you could not wear a navy blue fringed dress with a navy-blue blazer? This is a classy look that does not include any more colors. Many people might think that this looks boring, but who knows, you could end up creating a brilliant fashion look.

9.    Red

Do you have a white fringed outfit that you want to wear to a dinner party happening over the weekend?

The best way to style this outfit would be by pairing it with a red purse. The purse will draw attention to your white dress, making the entire outfit look sophisticated.

Which one of these outfits do you think you would wear?

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